pCloud is secure and easy to access cloud storage for your documents. This program lets you share and collaborate on files with colleagues, friends and family members.


It gives you 10GB of cloud storage for free.

It allows you to keep your confidential files secure by providing the highest level of encryption.

Lets you save your precious memories to pCloud by just clicking an icon.

It allows you to sort your files according to their format.

It saves versions of your files that are specific to a period of time, which makes it easier to find archives.

pCloud storage provides great deals like pCloud coupon code and some provide some great deals also like pCloud lifetime deal


Icedrive is a new-generation cloud service that allows you access, and manage your cloud storage quickly and easily. It gives you a place to display, share and collaborate on your files.


The only cloud storage service to work with Twofish Encryption. All data is encrypted on the client's end, with no knowledge of the data you store.

It lets you store documents up to 10GB of cloud storage for free.

There is no time-consuming Sync required because you can mount IceDrive simply by clicking.

Icedrive offers a clean and simple to use interface for managing your files.

Stream Media from the cloud storage and share it with your circle of friends


Mega provides online file storage as well as file host services that is provided through Mega Limited. Mega is accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux platform.


It provides 20 GB of cloud storage for free storing your photos.

It employs keys to decrypt chats and files.

Mega allows users to share files as well as folders.

Upload or download 1GB of data each day for 6 hours

Microsoft OneDrive is an online storage and synchronization service. It is accessible for free to anyone with a Microsoft account. OneDrive applications can be used to transfer files between either a Windows PC or Mac operating system.


Utilize your smartphone to scan and store business cards whiteboard notes, and receipts or to store documents on paper in OneDrive.

You can decide the expiration date for shared photos, files, and hyperlinks for security reasons.

Supports uploading files of that 15GB of free cloud storage for all your media. 




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